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If you’re like me and enjoy carrying around just about every gym accessory necessary and unnecessary, having a gym bag that successfully holds and organises all your things is difficult to come by. Well, that was until I discovered French company Karkoa!

Recently venturing into the British Market, although relatively new on the scene, Karkoa is not a company to be missed! They have a variety of different bags, designed for different kinds of sports and Athlete’s needs.  Being a weightlifter, I decided to get my hands on their Plume 20 compartment sports bag.


I decided to opt for the navy styled bag, mainly because I felt it would fit not only in the gym but equally. The bag itself is divided into five different compartments: The main compartment for all your clean clothes and gym accessories, two lower compartments, one for shoes and one for dirty gym clothes. Finally two side compartments, one lined with velvet for delicate items such as jewellery and the other with built-in pockets for smaller items such as your phone and coins. To top it off, it also comes with two small bags one to store your dirty clothes (so they don’t soil the inside of your bag) and one for your makeup (which is also waterproof)!

My favourite thing about this bag was the fact it came in a very office friendly navy colour, without having to sacrifice practicality. Quite often I’ll find myself having to carry my weightlifting shoes, belt, chalk in a carrier bag: simply because they won’t fit into my handbag. Carrying around a large rucksack whilst wearing a nice office shirt also isn’t fun! However, this bag is a great combination of style and practicality. I also found that it also doubles up as a great overnight bag for travelling and is small enough to pass for a carry on bag!

The company itself have great customer service and extremely fast shipping! I thought with it being a European company, there may be some delay but actually, I found the complete opposite. The bag actually arrived a lot quicker than some British companies! The company also makes a variety of other bags for different sports as well, so you aren’t limited to one style! They produce running rucksacks and regular officed styled bags also!

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with my purchase and I couldn’t imagine selecting another bag in the future! If you want to check out Karkoa’s bags, you can click the link here!

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