Manchester’s Kettlebell Kitchen is a huge success!

Keeping yourself fit can often feel like a chore at the worst of times, especially for those on calorie restrictions, macro monitoring and those few who have to adhere to a gluten free, dairy free and happiness free diets. Finding a restaurant where you’re happy with the quality of food and your regular non-crazy friends won’t go crazy from being served a plate of cardboard is a difficult balance to find! However, Kettlebell has successfully achieved that balance.

Kettlebell kitchen is a restaurant so magical that you’ll find your schedule magically cleared by the universe to immerse yourself in what feels like the healthiest indulgence possible. The atmosphere of Kettlebell Kitchen is warm and inviting and within minutes you’re being served by their fast and friendly staff. Everyone, from fitness fanatics to clean eaters will find a menu choice to suit their needs. “Kettlebell dogs” are also welcome inside (a big hit with me!) and there are many dog-friendly water bowls dotted around the place.

The restaurant itself is true to its niche, decorated heavily with kettlebells, gym equipment, pull up bars and clocks. The tables are custom made from jump boxes and weightlifting plates embedded into the glass. Finally a place for all those gym selfies whilst casually stuffing your face with gluten-free brownies!  Only heaven could imagine something as amazing as this!

The menu they offer is extensive, from strict clean eating to dirty protein pizzas for the bulkers. You can either opt for the Kettlebell box, which comes in a regular or a large, which is basically the meal prep equivalent of build-a-bear, or you can select something from their set menu. We opted for the Chicken Protein burger and a regular kettlebell box, filled to the brim of steak, sweet potatoes, home-made hummus and a variety of mix veg!

The burger was served on a bagel with sauce and tasted absolutely amazing! The chicken wasn’t overcooked like many other restaurants and the ingredients were a great quality. The Kettlebell Box portions are extremely generous and filling.  Topped with seeds, spring onions and cashew nuts, it tasted fantastic! There was enough flavour to prevent you feeling like you’re forcing yourself to eat the same old food over and over, and none of the junk that comes with most conventional take-a-way meals!A regular was more food than I needed and I couldn’t imagine ordering a large! I think I would actually like to see a smaller cheaper option offered on the menu.


On top of all of this, the restaurant offers a meal prep service, for all those bodybuilders and athletes who simply don’t have the time to cook their own meals. Customers can select a number of meals per week, calories and macros and the shop will have it ready on a weekly basis to collect from their shop! (Comp prep suddenly gets a whole lot more exciting!) If meal preps aren’t your thing, Kettlebell also offers weekly yoga sessions and boosts a running group (I know right?) making it THE most fitness inclusive restaurant I’ve ever come across!

So what’s the future of Kettlebell? With multiple sites already developing over Manchester, it’s no joke that this place is heading for success. It’s clearly only a matter of time before it becomes a national success! One thing I can say for sure, I will certainly be heading here again after the gym!


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  1. Wow – this is the best review we have ever had thank you!!!

    1. Thankyou so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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